2022 Broadway Today

Broadway Today

WHAT: Broadway Today

WHO: Directed and Choreographed by Dori Bryan-Ployer; Music Direction by Trey Lundquist

AGES: 12-18

WHEN: Monday – Thursday, July 25-Aug. 20, 9am – 3pm

WHERE: 888 South Main Street, Mansfield MA, Directly across from the Xfinity Center

TUITION: $899*

Performance Dates: Friday, Aug. 19, 1pm and Saturday Aug. 20, 1pm

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Broadway Today is a specially designed program for the Mass Arts Academy teen (ages 12-18) looking for a challenging training intensive that includes a performance run. Drawing from some of today’s acclaimed musicals, including Hadestown, Beetlejuice, Come from Away, and other contemporary plays and musicals, Broadway Today is sure to satisfy the most dedicated theatre artist. Whether you are looking to improve your vocals, strengthen your dance skills, become more adept at acting or all three, Broadway Today has something for you! Space is limited so sign up today!

*Financial Help Available to Many!

Because The Mass Arts Center is dedicated to all performers, merit and financially based scholarships are available for all new and returning students. Download the simple 2-page application here. Do not assume you are not eligible. Submit applications to the Mass Arts Academy Director of Education, Dori Bryan-Ployer at dori@massartscenter.org. Dori will be happy to answer any questions about Broadway Today, The Academy in general and our scholarship program. Don’t miss out on this terrific training opportunity. SIGN UP TODAY!

For information about this class, please call The Academy at 774-284-4025 or email Director of Education Dori Bryan-Ployer at dori@massartscenter.org.

A four-week intensive preparing material from some of today’s hottest Broadway shows.


FINAL PERFORMANCE DATES: Unless otherwise indicated, the final showcases of the summer intensives will be presented or streamed on the last day of each intensive. Individual start times TBA.

AUTO-PAY: To enroll in a monthly payment plan, check AUTO-PAY when you register.

COVID PROTOCOLS: The Academy at Mass Arts no longer requires people to wear masks. Masks are encouraged for anyone at high risk or those who have been in close contact with an infected person.

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