2022 Freaky Friday – April 22-May 8

Freaky Friday

A musical Book by Bridget Carpenter

Music by Tom Kitt. Lyrics by Brian Yorkey.
Directed & Choreographed by Vincent Ratsavong
Music Directed by Derrick Lacasse

An adaptation of the classic novel and beloved films, Freaky Friday follows teenager Ellie Blake and her mother, Katherine, on the weirdest, strangest, craziest, freakiest day of their whole lives. Try as they might, Katherine and Ellie just can’t seem to understand each other. On a fateful Friday, the day before Katherine’s wedding, something magical occurs when mother and daughter swap bodies. Now, both will have to literally spend a day walking in each other’s shoes, which ultimately transforms their relationship. Don’t miss this hilarious, energetic, and moving musical comedy!



Official Cast List

Ellie Blake– Lindsay Cagney

Katherine Blake- Chantel O’Brien

Fletcher Blake– Samantha Boragine

Mike– Joe Zumbo

Torrey– Emily Lospennato

Adam– Alexander Boyle

Savannah– Rachel Beth Beauregard

Gretchen– Melissa Myers

Hannah– Callista DeFeo

Adult 1 (Grandpa Gordon, Mr. Blumen, Senor O’Brien, Hannah’s Dad)- Andrew Haber

Adult 2 (Grandma Helene, Mrs. Luckenbill, Mrs. Time, Gretchen’s Mom)- Carolyn Cafarelli

Adult 3 (Danielle, Officer Sitz, Ms. Meyers, Savannah’s Mom, Cater Waiter)- Jennifer Cohn

Adult 4 (Officer Kowalski, Dr. Ehrin, Louise, Adam’s Mom, Fish Vendor)- Julie Bellini