2023 Love’s Whispers – Spiritual Psychic Mediums – April 30

Love’s Whispers
An afternoon of messages from loved ones in spirit*
April 30

Love's Whispers - Elaine Rusk - An afternoon of messages from loved ones in spirit

Show: April 30, 4-6pm

Doors open at 3:30pm

Tickets: $50 in advance / $60 at door

Join internationally trained psychic mediums, Elaine Rusk and Karen Gillis, for an afternoon of “Love’s Whispers,” an event during which Elaine and Karen will connect with loved ones in spirit, bringing through detailed and evidential information, demonstrating continuity of life after the change we refer to as death. They will deliver personal messages of love, guidance, humor, and comfort from those in spirit to their appropriate loved ones in attendance. Don’t miss this amazing afternoon of loving reunion, and leave with the awareness that your loved ones in spirit are never more than just a whisper away!

More about Elaine and Karen

Elaine Rusk is a professional medium, who cherishes the opportunity to reunite loved ones in the physical with those in spirit. She has studied with world renowned spiritual masters and mentors from both Europe and America. Additionally, Elaine has attended the prestigious metaphysical institute, Arthur Findlay College, located in England. She has successfully provided private readings, as well as large group readings, to audiences for 20+ years, and also teaches mediumship development classes. For additional information about Elaine please visit her website at: www.loveswhispers.com

Karen Gillis is a spiritual medium who passionately subscribes to the theory that death ends a life but not a relationship. Her gift is connecting the living with those who live in Spirit. Karen has been certified by Liam Galvin, the Rev. Rita S Berkowitz, and has completed mentorships designed by world renowned medium, Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else. She currently teaches fundamental mediumship classes based on the teachings of the late Mavis Pittilla and embraces each opportunity that allows her to make heavenly connections.

* Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee you will receive a message; not everyone will receive a message.