Dear Community Neighbor,

Something special is happening in Mansfield.

Having grown up in southeastern Massachusetts, my wife Kathleene and I continue to celebrate the remarkable successes in the region. Even though we now live in southeastern New Hampshire, we pay close attention to our old stomping grounds and the sources of pride. In 2015, we discovered the MMAS Blackbox Theater and Morini Art Gallery in Mansfield.

We bought tickets to a play, were greeted by enthusiastic patrons, performers and a very impressive Executive Director, Ken Butler. We also watched a most enjoyable production of Steel Magnolia’s. After the performance, I spent some time with the Executive Director and was impressed with his vision, discipline, dedication, and his commitment to keeping arts based engagement alive in the greater southeastern neighborhoods of Massachusetts.

Over the subsequent months, I followed up with Ken, and also attended another wonderful production, Our Town. Ken is a native of Mansfield and founder of MMAS. He has also demonstrated real passion, and a realistic yet bold plan for success for this small non-profit jewel of excellence. Without hesitation, I extended a hand of support to Ken and his mission.

Yes, we have kept in touch and before too long, I volunteered to help MMAS and was asked to serve as Honorary Chair of the MMAS Campaign Committee. The Committee, under Ken’s most able and motivating leadership, is building on the success of the past few years to embark on a $3.6 M capital campaign to purchase and renovate 888 South Main Street in Mansfield, a property that allows for MMAS’s current programs and makes room for future growth.

Please join me in the continued success and growth of MMAS. Kathleene and I have made our pledge of financial support and invite you to join us . . . In fact, we even challenge you to join us.

Your financial support will allow this fine organization to further its mission, expand its reach into the community, expose more of the community to the fine and performing arts, mentor phenomenal talent to inspire others, and design outreach opportunities for disadvantaged populations. This all-inclusive home for the arts will honor and welcome all ages, abilities, and levels of interest. Let us together help MMAS continue its important work.

Attached hereto, please find various sponsorship opportunities as well as supplementary documents detailing the expansion, renovation plans, and timelines. For more information please contact Ken Butler, the MMAS Executive Director at the number below or visit the website at

Thank you in advance for being part of something special.


Andrew H. Card Jr.