Adult Acting Sept. 27-Dec. 13, 2023

Adult Acting

Due to unforeseen circumstances requiring some time for recovery, classes will be delayed until the end of September. The new dates for classes are as follows:

WEDNESDAYS: 9:30-11:00am

DATES: Sept. 27-Dec. 13 (revised)

INSTRUCTOR: Dori Bryan-Ployer

AGES: 18+




Join The Mass Arts Academy this fall for an opportunity to take part in a comprehensive theater experience specifically conceived for the adult performer. Adult Acting is designed to honor the individual and collective life experiences of its participants, while focusing on theater skills intended to improve memory, focus, speech, and flexibility. Each session will include theater warm-ups, improvisations, as well as monologue and scene study followed by group sharing and discussion. Learn techniques certain to improve speech, confidence, and presence. Led by Mass Arts Academy Director, Dori Bryan-Ployer, don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your voice, life experience, and creative passion to the stage.