Body & Soul Workshop Tues. Sept. 26-Dec. 12, 2023

Body & Soul Workshop for Adults

Due to unforeseen circumstances requiring some time for recovery, classes will be delayed until the end of September. The new dates for classes are as follows:

TUESDAYS: 9:00-10:15am

DATES: Sept. 26-Dec. 12 (revised)

INSTRUCTOR: Dori Bryan-Ployer

AGES: 18+




Body and Soul is a course exclusive to the Mass Arts Center. Developed by Artistic Director, Dori Bryan-Ployer, Body and Soul is based on Dori’s published research Investigating the Spiritual Dimensions of the Theatrical Rehearsal Process. Dori’s research revealed a clear link between creative work and spiritual enrichment. From her research, Dori designed Body and Soul, a course that uses the same techniques her research employed, including creative movement, chair yoga, writing prompts, breathwork, Tai Chi, meditation, and Alexander Technique. For a creative, compassionate, and diverse approach to wellness and self-care, be sure to enroll in Body and Soul today! Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat, journal, and water.