Broadway Babies Sept. 9–Dec. 16, 2023

Broadway Babies: You’re the One That I Want! 

SATURDAYS: 10:30-11:15am

DATES: Sept. 9 –Dec. 16

INSTRUCTORS: Katie and Ellie Ault

AGES: 4-7




Broadway Babies is a fun filled 45-minute class perfect for children ages 4-7 whose curiosity and uninhibited nature are ideal for the creative play that is theatre! Broadway Babies introduces students to the basics of stage performance by rehearsing material from a select musical in preparation for an end-semester recital. This September, Broadway Babies will sing and dance through the halls of Rydell High performing the up-beat music from the world-famous movie musical, Grease. Broadway Babies helps young performers gain an appreciation for the arts while also furthering important skills, such as listening, focusing, cooperating, and sharing. Join us for a semester of RAMALAMALAMA musical fun with Broadway Babies!