Children of Eden Jr. – Aug. 2-4, 2024

Children of Eden Jr.

Aug 2-4, 2024

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Aug. 2-4, 1 pm

Book by John Caird

Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Directed by Dori Bryan-Ployer

Music Director: Esther Zabinski

The Mass Arts Center Academy is proud to present Stephen Schwartz’s Children of Eden Jr. This inspirational musical explores the phenomena of love, faith, conflict, and forgiveness against the backdrop of family. With a sweeping score β€” one of Schwartz’s best β€” life lessons have never sounded so good! Don’t miss out. Secure your tickets today!


Daniel Flemming (Father)
Benjamin Flemming (Adam/Noah)
Ella Desfosses (Eve/Yonah)
Declan List (Young Cain)
Nora Daubert (Young Abel)
James Brandolo (Cain/Japheth)
TBA (Abel)
Declan List (Ham)
TBA (Seth)
Shannon Hobbs (Shem)
Katie Hobbs (Mama)
Ciara FitzGerald (Aysha)
Ilana Lovett (Aphra)
Katie Ault (Snake 1)
Maggie Ault (Snake 2)
Katie Hobbs (Snake 3)
Nora Daubert (Snake 4)
Shannon Hobbs (Snake 5)


Benjamin Flemming
Ella Desfosses
Nora Daubert
Shannon Hobbs
James Brandolo
Declan List
Katie Hobbs
Ciara FitzGerald
Madeline List
Ilana Lovett
Katie Ault
Maggie Ault