ShowTix4U Guide

How to access and view the show on ShowTix4U?

To see any show, go to and enter your access code.

There are 2 ways to get your access code

METHOD 1.) Get tickets and access codes when you complete your purchase or transaction

Ticket buyers who are used to downloading their tickets right after making a purchase can do so on ShowTix4U, too. Upon completing your purchase, you’ll be presented with several blue buttons.

— Click WATCH STREAM to see the show immediately, if it is available at that time.

— Or click DOWNLOAD TICKETS to open a PDF file with all your ticket information and your access code for viewing later. THE ACCESS CODE AND LINK YOU WANT ARE ON PAGE 2 OF THE PDF. Note: You can right-click on the PDF page to save it to view another time.

TO WATCH on the day of the show, fetch the access code from Page 2 of the PDF and click the link provided, or go here:

— To watch on your mobile device, if you have a printout of the PDF, you can scan the square QR code in the printout. That will take you to the link above and automatically enter your access code for you.

METHOD 2.) Get tickets and access codes from an Email link that is sent to you

When you complete your purchase, an email will be sent to the email address you used when making your purchase. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE EMAIL FROM SHOWTIX4U.

The email has a big blue button link you can click to go watch the show. Or you can just click here:, and then use the access code provided in the email. Here’s what a sample email looks like (yellow highlighting added to show the access code):

If you click “Click HERE to Download Access Codes” (highlighted above), you’ll be able to access the PDF referred to in METHOD 1. This is useful when you have purchased access for multiple devices and you need a list of all of the available codes.

Details about the type of event

  • For a Live Stream or Scheduled Content event (events with specific date and time), you can use your access code up to 1 hour prior to the event until the end of the event. You can not rewind or rewatch the stream.
  • For Video On Demand (an event with no specific date/time), you can use your access code anytime between the Public Sale Start and Box Office Sale End, and your Access Code is valid for 48 hours from the first time it is entered/used. Please note the 48 hours will be cut short if you do not watch 48 hours prior to the end of the watch period (sale end period). Video On Demand events allow you to rewind at any time.
  • You can Airplay or Cast the stream to a television using the following instructions:
  • The player will attempt to auto choose the resolution based on your internet speed.If you are experiencing buffering, click on the gear icon of the player and lower the resolution of the stream.