Latest Auditions

The Mass Arts Center produces several full-scale plays and musicals each season. Auditions are posted on the website and in emails.  

Audition notices contain contact info for each show. To be added to the general Mass Arts Center email list, click here. If you wish to volunteer in some other capacity (stage manager, director, etc.) click here to send us your information. You may opt out of receiving emails, calls or postal mail at any time.

Audition Policies and Information

Audition Notices: The Mass Arts Center will post notices on the website periodically about upcoming auditions. Notices will include scheduling contact information, materials required, and information about the production.

Preliminary Auditions: All audition requests will be scheduled. Please read the audition notices carefully as different directors have different preferences for audition times and material. Some may ask for a short monologue, some will require cold readings. Make sure you know what is required for your particular audition.

Callbacks: Callbacks are typically held shortly after the preliminary audition. If you are called back, you are best served to familiarize yourself with the scripts and music (if applicable) as you will likely be asked to read or sing for different parts.

Audition Conflicts: If you cannot attend either the preliminary audition or the callback but you are interested in auditioning please let your audition coordinator know so that he or she can contact the director to work out an alternate time/option. (PLEASE NOTE: Directors may ask you to submit a video audition for preliminary consideration.)

Rehearsal / Performance Conflicts: On the audition form you may be asked to note all potential conflicts during the run of the show. Please organize and be prepared to report ALL scheduling conflicts that occur from audition through the closing performance. (Schedule conflicts are a factor in final casting decisions. If conflicts notably increase following casting – for practical reasons only – you may be asked to forfeit your role.)

Casting: The Mass Arts Center supports and encourages diversity in casting. Do not assume your physical type, ethnicity, age, or gender necessarily disqualifies you from a part.

Notifying the Cast: If you are cast, you will receive a phone call from the audition coordinator confirming your part and acceptance. All auditioners will receive a final email with the cast list.

Rehearsals: Directors at the Mass Arts Center build their rehearsal schedules in consideration of their own and cast availability. There will be a maximum of three rehearsals per week that typically involve two evenings and one weekend block. Barring exceptional circumstances, all performers and technical artists are required to attend all of tech week.

Performances: All of the productions, with the exception of the summer production, perform three weekends. Opening night is the Friday of tech week and all subsequent performances run Thursday through Sunday. The summer production opens on the Thursday of tech week and runs Thursday-Sunday the following week.

Mass Arts Center Volunteer Performance: The Wednesday of tech week Mass Arts Center volunteers are invited to attend your final rehearsal. It serves as a nice warm-up for opening night! Curtain Times: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening shows: 8:00 pm. Sunday matiness: 2:00 pm.

Tech Week Call Times: Tech week call times vary, but generally are 6:30. Performance Call Times: Opening night: 90 minutes before curtain.

Show promotion: You will notice on the audition form that the Mass Arts Center requests information regarding your hometown newspaper along with permission to use interview and photo material for the purposes of show promotion. We thank you in advance for providing this important information and appreciate your agreement to help us promote your show to assure full houses.

Mailing List: As a courtesy to all first-time Mass Arts Center auditioners, your contact information will be updated into our database to assure you receive email notifications of future auditions, classes, performances, and Mass Arts Center sponsored events. This is our way of saying “thank you” for auditioning for a Mass Arts Center production.