Mass Arts Center Academy Standards of Conduct

Mass Arts Center Academy Standards of Conduct

Welcome to the Mass Arts Academy! The Mass Arts Academy aspires to provide students with a fun, safe, and creative environment. As such, we ask that students behave in a way to support such an environment. Guardians, please review these standards with your child prior to their first class. Thank you for helping us keep The Mass Arts Center a safe and welcoming environment for all our students.


  • While waiting for your class to start, stay seated in our lobby area and keep your voices down so as not to disturb the class in progress or staff in the business office. 
  • When entering the classroom, secure your personal items on a chair and report to the front of the class for instructions from your teachers.
  • Pay attention when your teachers are instructing you. Do not talk while your teachers are talking. Listen well.


  • Be sure to bring your scripts, music, highlighters, and pencils to every class. The Mass Arts Academy will provide one copy of materials to each student. Request for additional copies will incur a $5 fee per. 
  • Be sure to bring a clearly marked water bottle to class. The Mass Arts Academy does not sell or provide bottled water.
  • Wear or bring dance shoes or lightweight closed toe shoes – easy to dance and move in. 


  • Take a few minutes at the end of class to pack up and take everything home that you brought with you.
  • DO NOT discard perishable foods or liquids in our indoor trash bins.


  • Do NOT run around the studio or climb on the furniture. Do not scream or otherwise upset the comfort level of others. Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Please secure your hair away from your face.
  • The cabinets and closets in the studio are for teachers only. Please do not enter those areas when you are in the studio.
  • The Mass Arts Academy asks parents and guardians to provide their children with peanut free lunches/snacks during longer rehearsals/summer programs, but PLEASE NOTE – The Mass Arts Academy does not restrict or monitor every potential allergen. Parents are responsible for managing their child’s dietary needs. While the faculty remains alert to maintaining a safe environment, we simply do not have the staff to look after every child individually. If your child is not compliant with their dietary restrictions, parental oversight will be required. The Mass Arts Center and its staff cannot be relied upon to monitor the potential intake of a known or unknown allergen and therefore cannot be held accountable.


  • Attendance is key. Barring illness, please attend all classes to assure a collaborative experience and the best possible performance.
  • Go over your lines and lyrics as they are rehearsed each week. Committing to a manageable amount of memorization each week is far better than cramming before the recital. It’s also less stressful! Parents can help by reminding their child to “go over” what they learned in class.


  • Lead with kindness: If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.
  • Say “THANK YOU” to your teachers before you leave.

STUDENT DISMISSAL: The Mass Arts Academy strives to assure the safety and comfort of all its students. Any student who cannot, for any reason, follow these guidelines and/or can or will not adjust their behavior following fair intervention will be dismissed from The Mass Arts Academy without refund.