Artwork Submission Requirements and Agreement for Morini Gallery Exhibition

WILD for WATERCOLOR  Submission Agreement & Requirements

1) There is a non-refundable $30 entry fee for up to 4 submissions. The fee will be paid via credit card. (No Checks)

2) The Gallery will retain a 30% commission on works sold. Donating all proceeds from your work to our non-profit community-serving organization is also an option for which we are always so grateful.

3) Accepted work must be gallery-ready and framed appropriately with frames that are in good condition. All frames should be wired approximately one-third of the way down from the top of the piece. No saw tooth hangers will be accepted for hanging. Artwork should not be visibly dated on the front. If pieces do not appear as they did in submission or are not in good gallery-ready condition, or do not meet all specifications, the Gallery reserves the right not to hang them for the exhibition. 

4) Images should not exceed 36″ vertically or horizontally including frame. 

5) Work must remain at the gallery through the entire exhibition.

6) The Gallery reserves the right to exclude works deemed inappropriate.

7) Submitted Image Files must be named properly: LASTNAME_TITLE.jpg

8) All entries must be original works of the artist, no copies or prints, and cannot have been previously exhibited at the Morini Gallery.

9) All Image submissions must include framing treatment in the submitted photo.

10) All entries accepted will be eligible for publication in Mass Arts Center’s promotional materials and press releases.

11) By agreeing to these terms, the artist understands that while Mass Arts Center handles all work with the utmost care, it is not responsible for loss or damage.

12) Work that is unclaimed after 90 days from the scheduled show pick-up date will be considered a donation to the Morini Gallery. 

13) All work must be for sale.