The Mass Arts Center Annual Campaign

The Show Must Go On

As we continue to navigate our way through these unprecedented times, we also continue to be moved and inspired by the generosity of the Mass Arts Center community of patrons, members, and students.  While so many things remain uncertain right now, what remains clear is that your Mass Arts Center support makes a big impact. 

Your Mass Arts Center family is reaching out to you, now, during our Annual Campaign asking you to please make a generous donation to support the programs and organization you love.

Like many theaters throughout our nation, COVID has dramatically affected Mass Arts Center ticket sales. When COVID was peaking, the Mass Arts Center worked to bridge the gap by safely offering drive-in events such as concerts and outdoor stand-up comedy. Our outdoor shows continue to today, with a large tent overlooking the reservoir for the summer.  Additionally, our Mass Arts Center Academy has been busy with classes. Most were held virtually during the height of the pandemic and are now back in person in our newly renovated studio. Though we are getting back on track, we have a long way to go to meet our financial needs.  More programs are in the works that will include streaming performances and small in-person events. 

The Mass Arts Center needs your help to bridge this gap of time in history. Now, more than ever – the Mass Arts Center needs you to sustain and support our operations and mission.

Help us keep the local arts alive.  With your support, the Mass Arts Center can keep the arts alive and enrich lives of so many families in our community. Please make a donation today.

The show must go on and WILL go on because of you and your support.

Ways to Donate:

  • Online
  • Donate by telephone at 508-339-2822
  • Donate by mail to The Mass Arts Center, P.O. Box 1283, Mansfield, MA 02048 (Make checks out to the Mass Arts Center. Write “Annual Campaign” in the memo field.)
  • Donate by stock or other. Contact our office for details: 508-339-2822

Thank you for your donation!

Did you know that our ticket revenue covers only 38% of our annual operating budget?

Your annual gift and membership dues help support our mission: to enrich, inspire, educate and entertain through high-quality theatrical productions and educational programs in an intimate setting.

Your gift to our Annual Campaign will help to support our mission and keep the quality programs of the Mass Arts Center funded.  Have you ever wondered what some of our operating costs include? 

Here are just a few items that illustrate how important your annual gift is and the impact you can have.

$1,100 – will sponsor one musician for a musical. (Typically we have 4 to 6 musicians in our show bands)$1,500 covers the cost for one set for a production. (our Season has 7)
$1,300 – covers our monthly printing costs.$3,500 would cover show stipends for a production team. (we have 7 shows in a season)
$2,300 will cover a postcard mailing promoting our shows.$600 would cover the monthly electric bill.
$4,000 covers the royalties for one musical production. (our season will have 3)$600 would cover a monthly storage costs.
$2,700 covers the royalties for one play production. (our season will have 4)$7,800 would cover one months mortgage.
$2,700 would cover one monthly winter snow removal bills.(3 to 4).

To cancel a recurring gift, please contact our office by calling 508-339-2822 or email us at

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office at 508-339-2822

Thank you for your generous support!
MMAS cast of Hair: The American Tribal Love Musical