Weather related cancellations

Weather related cancellations are inevitable in New England and to that point, we never know what we will face. 2014 was not that long ago. As a preemptive strike, MMAS Academy has scheduled two additional weeks (17 classes in the spring vs.15 classes in the fall) for many of our classes to make for easier makeups if and when classes are cancelled due to weather-related issues.

Last year we had very good attendance during school vacation weeks, so with that in mind, MMAS has decided to use February and April vacation to make-up for possible cancellations.

The faculty will keep track of cancellations and advise families if and when vacation weeks will be utilized. If there are no cancellations, students and faculty will take those weeks off. It is understood that some students may not be available to attend these possible makeup dates and those students will be brought up to speed when they return to class.

Makeup classes rarely provide a perfect solution for every student but MMAS is doing its level best to maximize attendance when makeups are necessary. Thank you in advance for helping us keep pace with what are typically unpredictable conditions.

About weather-related cancellations:

  • MMAS will always rule on the side of safety when deciding whether to run classes.
  • MMAS does not necessarily cancel when there is a school closing. Often, roads are clear and conditions improve by the time classes begin. During the week, families will be notified no later than 1pm about the status of classes.
  • Decisions will be made regarding Saturday classes on Friday evenings if the conditions warrant an obvious closing and no later than 7am on Saturday mornings, if the conditions are questionable.
  • Any state of emergency or announcement of essential workers only, automatically cancels classes at MMAS.