2024 Gatsby Gala fundraiser

2024 Gatsby Gala fundraiser

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And the winner of our raffles were:

Big Cash Raffle

$5,000 – Siobhan McDonald

$2,500 – Robert Anzola

$1,000 – Elaine Mondeau

Lottery Dream Raffle

First Prize $50 tickets – Laurie Bubencik

Second Prize $20 tickets – Richard Paulson

Third Prize $10 tickets – John O’Neil

Thank to you, our Gatsby Gala was a huge success!

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Leadership Award – Thomas Quin

Thom Quin
Thom Quin

Thomas Quin has served on the MMAS, now Mass Arts Center, board of directors and finance committee since 2009. He was especially instrumental in helping the Mass Arts Center secure its current residence. The Mass Arts Center housed at 888 South Main Street is in no small part due to Tom’s determination to help us expand. And it didn’t stop there. Tom never missed a beat between the departure from 377 North Main Street to our new home at 888 South Main Street. He continued to serve on MAC committees, prioritizing our future by instituting a three and five year business plan and revising our strategic plan. Additionally, Tom updated our mission statement to reflect the three growing tiers of the Mass Arts Center: The Reservoir Stage, The Mass Arts Academy, and The Morini Art Gallery. And still he continued to work on our behalf. Ever-mindful of the needs of the three branches that make up the Mass Arts Center, Tom carefully considered each when exploring ways in which to garner support. Tom imagined a group of MAC patrons, donors, and enthusiasts to come together to support the financial demands of our new home. The Mass Arts Center‘s 888 Club had its first meeting in 2022 and continues to grow, all thanks to Tom Quin. Tom didn’t just make sure we secured a new home, he gave it a new voice, and then inspired and designed an important membership to protect it. We honor and thank Tom Quin for his past commitment to MMAS, and his current commitment to the Mass Arts Center. Tom has had a profound and meaningful impact on our past and our present and there is no doubt his efforts will continue to serve us in the future. Thank you, Tom!

Mass Arts Center Champion Award – Rosemarie Sirois

Rosemarie Sirois
Rosemarie Sirois

Rosemarie Sirois is that five star MAC patron who helps in any way she can whenever she can. What’s more, Rose has been MMAS’s and now MAC’s “can-do” volunteer, ever since MMAS’s inception in 1991! Rose is easy to spot. She is either smiling or laughing or sassing with MAC members and friends. And when she catches a glimpse of you, prepare yourself for a bear hug. Her energy is contagious, her willingness to help is rare, and her passion for The Mass Arts Center is undeniable. Rose’s combination of love and zest and humor make her the perfect volunteer, and Rose has made an art out of volunteerism. Over the past 31 years, Rose has served as a board member as well as a governance and concert committee member. She has chaired gala events and even performed on our stage. Any of these contributions alone would be more than enough, but all of them? Rose has even loaned us space in her home and garage to store MAC’s overflow of costumes and set pieces. THAT is how much Rose wants to serve the Mass Arts Center. It is her longstanding spirit of service and generosity that sets her apart. It is our honor to recognize you, Rose, and present to you the 2024 Champion Award.

Notable Difference Award – Vincent Ratsvong & Derrick Lacasse

Vincent Ratsavong
Derrick Lacasse
Derrick Lacasse

Each year we honor individuals who have made a notable difference in support of our mission. Tonight we honor Vincent Ratsavong and Derrick Lacasse, who serve the Reservoir Stage. We honor you both not only for the polished and hailed productions you create, but moreover, for the manner in which you create them. Your grace and generosity, your adaptability and ease: these make the excellence of your art all the more extraordinary. Thank you for prioritizing a safe atmosphere for all involved, for the collaborative demeanor in which you communicate with our team of artists. Thank you for building productions that showcase and celebrate our community of talent and our mission. That you receive unsolicited positive feedback from both our patrons and the actors you serve says it all. We are truly honored to recognize you both this evening for your individual and collective gifts. Congratulations.

Business Leadership Award – Jill Beresford

Jill Beresford
Jill Beresford

Jill Beresford, Senior Business Adviser for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Centers, assisted the Mass Arts Center in creating and implementing a five-year business plan that was instrumental in obtaining a mortgage to purchase the property at 888 South Main Street, creating our permanent home for the arts. Jill also mentored and guided our Executive Director through the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to obtain crucial financial help.