In Person Class Guidelines


1.) Masks are required.

2.) No sharing of food or drink.

3.) Each participant will have a designated work station and a designated spot to perform. Both areas will honor 6 feet from their peers.

4.) Students can bring a backpack with them, including their laptops. notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paper, water, and snacks. MMAS will provide each student a trash bag to put their backpack in. The backpack will stay at their designated work station. Students cannot share materials, food, or drinks and are asked to keep their area tidy.

5.) There will be times throughout the day when we go outside for fresh air. Masks can be removed once we are outside and socially distanced.

6.) Students who are not feeling well, even if the symptoms are mild, are asked to stay home and if appropriate, attend class virtually.

7.) In between activities, breaks will be taken for handwashing.