Kacee Rimer: The Mass Arts Center: ‘MY place to learn, grow, and create’

By Kacee Staiti Rimer

The Mass Arts Center has a lot to offer. I could tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching productions there or how much my children have benefitted from the theatre arts classes through the Academy.

But I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you about ME, and what the Mass Arts Center means for ME — a regular adult human who does regular adult human things.

The Mass Arts Center is MY place to learn, grow, and create. 

We adult humans are constantly in the business of being busy. How swiftly we forget that once upon a time we were in the business of playing



Pursuing hobbies and interests that fulfill us, and remind us of the truest parts of ourselves!

We easily forget that we still need those things in our lives in order to be complete humans.

I’m a working mother with a passion for performing — and at the Mass Arts Center I can embrace that! I can do more than just regular adult human things! I can do fun things, meaningful things! I can perform, and sing, and dance, and feel feelings, and express emotions and tell stories, and build a community, and play!

I’m so very grateful for the opportunities I’ve found here to pursue theatre arts as a delightful and fulfilling hobby. I’m so very grateful to have found a space to share with others like me who are seeking joy and art. I’m so very grateful for the Mass Arts Center and I hope you will join me in supporting them this Giving Tuesday.