2022 Morini Gallery – “Small Works” exhibition

‟Small WorksExhibition

“Small Works” Exhibition

An Open Juried Exhibition Nov. 26, 2022- Jan. 29, 2023

The Morini Gallery at Mass Arts Center is holding its next exhibition, “Small Works,” from Nov. 26, 2022-Jan. 29, 2023.

Artists Reception:  Saturday, November 26th from 5-7pm:

Small Works chosen for this juried exhibit include:

Jerry Aissis, Snow Drift, Watercolor, $275.00

Lisa Bailey, Open Spaces, Acrylic, $300.00

Lisa Bailey, Writers Block, Acrylic, $300.00

Jim  Borrebach, Floating By, Photography, $175.00

Joseph Cantor, Solo Framed Print, $175.00

Mark  Del Franco, Soft Surf Acrylic, Acrylic Marker, $85.00

Devin DiChiara, Pansey Acrylic,  $110.00

Gail Eckberg, Deserted Dunes, Oil, $250.00

Anne  Fontaine, Floral Stripe #1, Acrylic, $100.00

Carol  Frieswick, Red Mums in White, Oil, $125.00

Carol  Frieswick, Frog Pond, Oil, $140.00

Alice Gentili, Blue 1, Watercolor, $200.00

Alice Gentili, Water Lily 1, Watercolor, $250.00

Danene Grillo, Autumn Embers, Mixed Media, $260.00

Danene Grillo, Clean up isn’t Pretty, Mixed Media, $110.00

Daniel Gyves, Rockingham Barns, Photography, $140.00

Daniel Gyves, Isle of Skye, Photography, $140.00

John Higgins, Night Street, Oil on Wood, $207.00

Stephen Ide, Urban Reflections, Photography, $175.00

Meren  Kim, Summer, wood block print, $125.00

Margo  Lemieux, Vanishing Snow Leopard, Lithograph, $125.00

Rosemary Mamakos, Magenta Hills, Acrylic, $50.00

Rosemary Mamakos, Psychedelic Dawn, Acrylic, $50.00

Margaret Munson, Sunflower Swan Song, Pastel, $100.00

Joseph  Mueller, Black-capped Chicadee, Acrylic, $375.00

Karole Nicholson, On the Grid, Mixed Media, $200.00

Karole Nicholson, Welcomed Interruptions, Mixed Media, $200.00

Donna  Parker, Pink Flowers Dancing, Photography, $90.00

Donna  Parker, Summer Flowers, Photography, $90.00

Nancy Palano, Bella Home, Acrylic, $175.00

Nancy Palano, Perfect Day, Acrylic, $125.00

Heather Quay, Washington Street, Pastel, $575.00

Heather Quay, At The Piazza, Pastel, $575.00

Susanne Riette-Keith, Promenade a Bicylette, Acrylic and collage, $250.00

Frank  Robertson, White Roses, watercolor, $295.00

Tatiana  Roulin, Teacup & Berries, Oil, $250.00

Tatiana  Roulin, Translucence, Oil, $500.00

Tatiana  Roulin, Creamer & Leaves, Oil, $250.00

Simone  Scholes, Waltzing Along, Oil on Board, $375.00

Simone  Scholes, Tip my hat to you, Oil on Board, $450.00

Sherry Senecal, Daybreak, Oil, $130.00

Sherry Senecal, Summer Evening, Oil, $130.00

Rebecca Skinner, Cozy, Photograph on aluminum, $245.00

Rebecca Skinner, Vitality, Photograph on aluminum, $245.00

Ami  Tredo, Quiet, Photography, $115.00

Sharon White, Welcome Home, Oil-Palette Knife, $125.00

Sharon White, The Last Peony, Oil, $125.00

For artists….

Drop-Off of Accepted Work:  Accepted work must be delivered on November 21 or 22 between 10:30AM – 3 PM to the Morini Gallery at the Mass Arts Center 888 South Main Street Mansfield, MA.  All drop-offs are on the RESERVOIR SIDE of the building. All works must be hand delivered, wired properly for hanging, framed, or in proper gallery-ready condition.  No saw tooth hangers will be accepted. If pieces do not appear as they did in submission or are not in good gallery-ready condition (i.e., scratched, chipped, etc…), the gallery reserves the right not to hang them for the exhibition.

Pick up Artwork:  January 30-31, 2023 at the Morini Gallery between 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.PM.