2023 ‘Unexpected Treasures’ at the Morini Gallery

2023 ‘Unexpected Treasures’

Morini Gallery’s annual Small Works Juried Exhibition

The Morini Gallery at the Mass Arts Center is excited to present “Unexpected Treasures,” its annual small works juried exhibition for the holiday season. This exhibition, which begins Dec. 2, features a carefully curated selection of artwork. A full list of the chosen art is below. Artists were invited to submit their creations in various 2D mediums, including photography.

“Unexpected Treasures” is the Morini Gallery’s most significant event of the year, offering a remarkable opportunity for artists to showcase and sell their smaller artworks that serve as unique and “unexpected” holiday gifts. Come to the gallery and purchase some art for the holidays!

NOTE: The gallery is no longer accepting new art submissions for this particular show.

Show Dates:
Dec. 2, 2023 – Jan. 28, 2024

Artists Gallery Brunch Reception:
Sunday, Dec. 3, 11am-1pm

Selected artwork for this exhibit:

Lighthouse on Panmure Island, Lisa Boragine, 20″x16″, metal print, $250

Glorious Sail, Ken Butler, 16″x20″, oil on canvas, $1,125

Color as a Storyteller – Blue Rowboat, Joseph Cantor, 11″x14″, print on canvas, $175

Before the Rain, Heidi Cerullo, 10″x8″, watercolor, $125

Winter Morning, Judy Doyle, 13.5″x10.5″, pastel, $400

The Ocean Calls, Gail Eckberg, 18″x18″, oil, $325

View From The Ocean, Anne Fontaine, 12″x16″, acrylic and marker, $100

Metropolis on Tremont, Carol Frieswick, 17″x17″, oil, $350

Nasturtium Reflection, Carol Frieswick, 8″x14″, oil, $250

Bottles, Alice Gentili, 8″x10″, watercolor, $80

Snowy Stowe Barn, Dan Gyves, 16″x20″, photography, $200

Milky Way Over Acadia N.P., Dan Gyves, 13″x19″, photography, $180

Reverie in Blue, John Higgins, 19.5″x14.5″, oil & acrylic on hardboard, $242

Amaryllis 8, Cheri Hill, 9.25″x11.25″, acrylic, $125

Hide and Seek, Jyoti Joshi, 14.5″x11.5″, watercolor, pen & ink, $350

Reflections, Laurie Iris Lerner, 18″x18″, acrylic and ink, $150

Clarity, Rosemary Mamakos, 8″x16″, acrylic, $150

Autumn Splendor, Margaret Munson, 19.5″x15″, soft pastel, $250

Fall at the Farm, Margaret Munson, 11″x14.5″, soft pastel, $150

Rose, Rose Noice, 8″x8″, acrylic, $150

Winter Snow, Nancy Palano, 16″x20″, acrylic, $275

Serene, Nancy Palano, 16″x18″, acrylic, $175

Back Pasture, Heather Quay, 10.25″x10.25″, soft pastel, $275

Canyon View, Heather Quay, 10″x10″, soft pastel, $275

Lieutenant Dunes, Jonathan Ralton, 12.75″x12.75″, photography, $115

Longfellow Trees, Mark J. Richards, 15″x12″, oil on linen, $850

Altered Perspective, Mark J. Richards, 15″x12″, oil on linen, $850

After the Storm, Sherry Senecal, 7.5″x7.5″, oil, $130

Golden Glow, Sherry Senecal, 7.5″x7.5″, oil, $130

Marmalade Sky, Sherry Senecal, 7.5″x7.5″, oil, $130

Migration, Rene Shear, 20″x20″, acrylic, $700

Roadside Find, Rebecca Skinner, 18″x12″, photograph on aluminum, $245

Relics, Rebecca Skinner, 8″x12″, photograph on aluminum, $245

Woodpile in Winter, Walter Spencer, 14″x17 inches, watercolor, $250

Bunny, Paula Whalen, 7.5″x7.5″, pen & ink, watercolor on tea bag, $50

Fox, Paula Whalen, 7.5″x7.5″, pen & ink, watercolor on tea bag, $50

Raccoon, Paula Whalen, 7.5″x7.5″, pen & ink, watercolor on tea bag, $50

Morning Coffee, Sharon White, 10.5″x10.5″, oil, $175

Gloucester, MA, Frank Whitehead, 14″x16″, photography, $150

FOR ARTISTS: Selected Artwork Drop-off: Saturday, Nov. 25, from 10am-Noon, and Monday, Nov. 27, 10am-3pm at 888 South Main St., Mansfield, MA (Artwork must be hand-delivered, no shipping).

Meren Kim
Juror Bio

Meren Kim is a contemporary abstract painter/designer who currently lives and paints outside Boston. Meren studied art at The University of Massachusetts, Boston and Mass Art, in addition to continuously learning and practicing new painting/ drawing/creative techniques. She has always loved art and anything creative. As it sometimes happens, Meren’s career took her down a different path in her early years, yet art was always her passion. As a child she was recognized for her talent in local art competitions and her teachers.  

She is currently exhibiting in shows in Cambridge, Sharon, Mansfield and Norwood. She has received awards from the Boston Globe in her youth and recently in local juried shows and events. She is member of several local art associations and on the board of the Sharon Creative Arts Association. 

Meren’s style has evolved from her formal training in realism to a love of the alternative and abstract. Her love of color, texture, shapes and pattern drive her to create works that try to capture the viewer and bring them to a place where their own senses and creativity can be awakened and engaged.