In the Zone Online Exhibit

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“In the Zone” Online Juried Exhibition

September 1 – December 31, 2020


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In the words of Emily Hill, the journalist, being “in the zone” is delicious, immersive, and kinda trippy.  Time collapses. Sound falls away. Suddenly we look up, and it’s 4 a.m.  This tunnel-vision phenomenon is reported by athletes, creatives, and psychologists alike as a hyper-focused, sometimes spiritual, state of mind where anything is possible. It is where we become our most productive, creative, and powerful selves.

Artist’s were asked to take a moment to recall that feeling and show us examples of when they truly felt they were… “In the Zone”.

Artists include:

Sarah Alexander, Lisa Bailey, Lissa Banks, Wren Barger, David Black, Linda Bonaccorsi, Robyn Bourgoin, Susan Fornaro, Dan Gyves, Joan Kent, Charles Lanphear, Margo Lemieux, Linda Mansur, marypaz, M. Beth McGaw, Margaret Munson, Linda Nelson, Shany Porras, Frank Robertson, Kenneth Salome, Marjorie Sardella, Rebecca Skinner, Walter Spencer, Judith Stein, Andrea Warner, Christine West, Mary Wojciechowski and Michael Zeis.

About the Juror

Denise Driscoll
Denise Driscoll is an abstract painter whose large-scale acrylic paintings involve extensive time “in the zone”. She has instigated, organized, or juried exhibits including “Material Meditation” at the New Art Center, “Multiplicity” at Fountain Street Gallery, “Iteration” at Gallery 263, and the “Storefront Art Project” for Lesley University. Her work has been shown throughout New England and her paintings are widely collected. Driscoll earned her MFA in Visual Art at Lesley Art + Design, where she currently teaches. She maintains a studio at Norwood Space Center, lives in Framingham, and is represented by Fountain Street Gallery.
I am Many, We are One